For decades I was a member of the 'Provincial Booksellers Fairs Association' (The PBFA) the world's largest trade association for antiquarian and second hand booksellers. The PBFA code of practice applies to all members ensuring that all transactions are conducted to the highest professional standards. I was also a founder member of the Welsh Booksellers Association (WBA). I 'retired' from the PBFA as I am now working from home and no longer exhibit at Book Fairs, but still hold true to the PBFA policy of keeping to the highest professional standards.
I am still happy to have customers visit me and my stock, but by appointment  please, as I now work from home and do not keep standard shop hours.  I also regret that I have no wheelchair or disabled access as I have piles of books EVERYWHERE - it's often difficult even for me to get around my own stock!  You can try visiting 'on the off-chance' - but may be disappointed if I'm not available. 
Founded in 1979, I began selling books part-time as a 'mail order' dealer - my business swiftly grew, and shortly afterwards I become a full-time book dealer and joined the PBFA.  I spent decades travelling around the UK exhibiting at major Book Fairs, once a month at the prestigious London Book Fairs, and once a year at the London International Fair. 
Customers are invited to contact me if they would like more information/photos about a particular book or books seen here, or just a general enquiry as I also have some 20,000+ books in stock that are not yet listed online.
Please Telephone - UK = 01267 235462
International  = +44 (0)1267235462  
or  email [email protected]
My Stock
My stock is highly eclectic, and, tho I started with mainly Children's and Illustrated books which are perhaps still my main love, over the years my stock has become very generalised as there are so very many books in so many categories that I have fallen in love with over my decades of buying and selling.  Many arrive here having been tracked down by me, some arrive when former owners have little space for them now, many from auction or from private homes, now unloved and unwanted.  I am always highly delighted to find a book a new home with new owners who remember it from their childhood, who desperately need it for a project or similar, or even, on occasions, a book that has a personal inscription to a relative - or often just books that are a darn good read!... etc, etc.!

If you have any questions about my stock, or would like help in tracking down a favourite book or author, please do contact me.

Thank You